Cheryls Fabric Garden featuring ready made quilts, quilting retreats, classes and quilting supplies.

Welcome to my on line store.  Here you will find handcrafted quilts for sale.  There are also table runners, handbags, aprons and baby quilts.  If you are interested in art quilts, there are also some of them available.   If you have question about any item, you can call me at 507 467-4466 or email at    Stone Mill Suites and I also work together to offer quilting retreats in my studio.     



If you are visiting Lanesboro, you can visit the store at 108 Coffee Street East:

   Store Hours:  Monday-Friday   12:30-5:00    Saturday  10:00-5:00    Sunday by chance


                    Upcoming Class  

                    Tuesday April 10th    10 am-3 pm

                    Cabin Flower


Featured Products

   Easter is Coming:                                                     Casablanca Quilt    62 X 48"

    Buy this panel for $9.50 or                                                                             This completed throw is $120. 

    the completed wall hanging is $125.00.                                                           The kit is $45 and can either have a brown/yellow

        The kit is $39.50       42 X 60 inches                                                             border or green/brown border.