tree danelion lane

Landscape Quilts

  Sometimes I find a scene that I just have to put on fabric.  They are fun and I continue to take classes to make them more realistic.  I use techniques like tiling and special stitching.  Many times the pictures also have some yarns on them for effect.


Green Tile Landscape

  Green Tile Landscape   19.5 X 17"
Fun summer landscape quilt.

Moonlight Landscape

Moonlight Landscape  30 X 25"
Reflections of night time shadows.

Yellow Background Landscape

 Yellow Background Landscape     24 by 17.5"
A sunrise on a morning in Minnesota.

Dense Forest

Dense Forest   17.5 X 21"
Blue shades as seen in the forest of trees. 

Prairie Landscape

Prairie Landscape 13.5 X 18.5"
Lonely tree in the prairie.