Place-mats and Napkins


Festive Tables make for Festive Times

Place mats and Napkins

 Your kitchen or dining room table can be a festive area with adding just a little color with place mats and napkins.  All of mine are made from 100% cotton so that they can be washed.  In the center of the place mats, I put an embroidery design so that when they are washed, the layers do not come apart.  There is batting in the place mats.  The napkins are 14" square and the napkin is double fabric so there is a different pattern on each side.  The sides of the napkins are surged as well as the napkin holders

Little House on the Prairie Place-mats

Little House on the Prairie Place-mats   18 X 14"

Set of four place-mats.

  One of the recent collections that is available is called Little House of the Prairie.  The front of these place-mats is a prairie scene with Laura running through the grasses.  The back side has Little House on the Prairie printed repeatedly.

The main color is light beige with a darker brown for the prints.

Wash with cold water and iron lightly when dried.



Batik Place-mats

Batik Place-mats    14"X18"

Set of 4.

   This bright batik has many colors in it from green to blue to pink.  The place-mat has a pink bias around it which gives it a good accent to the colors in the batik.  Fun set that would look great on your table. 

Wash with cold water and iron lightly when dried.

Yellow Bird Place Mats

Yellow Bird Place Mats  14 X 18 inches

Set of 4.

   These place mats are colorful and would be fun on your table.  They are reversible with a yellow on the back.  Made from 100% cotton and please wash in cold water and dry on low.